Slide Gate Refractories

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Slide Gate Refractories

  • Certification : CE Certified
  • Color : Silver
  • Thickness : 10-20mm, 20-30mm, 30-40mm
  • Material : Metal
  • Type : Gate Refractories
  • Application : Slide Gate
  • Finishing : Polished

Sub Products

  • Laddle nozzle
  • Collector nozzle
  • Tundish nozzle
  • ladder well block
  • poros well block
  • poros plug

Synthetic Slags

There is an old saying in Steel making process – “Take care of Slag, Slag will take care of Steel. Improper composition of Synthetic Slags is detrimental for the quality of steel as it can lead to harmful reversion of P, S, and unwanted oxides. Converter slag is a byproduct that outcomes from the 4th phase of the metallurgical process, crushed to -5mm, consisted mainly of Fe-oxides (Fe total about 60%) and used mainly as aggregate for the production of special type of concrete for covering oil tubes, or other similar works, in several places in the world. Synthetic Slags mixed uniformly and stably. Synthetic Slags can greatly shorten the steelmaking time, efficiently remove impurities and improve the steel quality.


  • Synthetic Slags are the special refining slag used for bearing steel making
  • It has the actions of de-sulphurizing and deoxidizing


  • It has great effect of de-oxidation and desulfurization in the molten steel
  • It could be used as a liquid steel cleanser during the bearing steel refining and reduced dust float pollution effectively

  • Form : Soild
  • Quality : Best
  • Packaging Size : 10-100kg
  • Color : Brown
  • Storage : Store in a Dry Place
  • Purity : 99.80%

Thermocouple Tips

  • Type : Tips
  • Usage : Industrial
  • Quality : Best
  • Color : Brown
  • Shape : Round

Tundish Board

  • Use : Industrial
  • Type : Board
  • Color : Brown
  • Feature : Durable
  • Finishing : Coated
  • Shape : Rectangular

Sub Product

  • Garpac
  • Garsil
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